Sunday, May 22, 2011

Multigemstones fine999/sterling silver necklace

This elegant and ornate necklace is created from various gauges of Sterling and fine 999 silver wire and shaped, hammered, coiled ,wrapped and decorated with blue seafoam chalcedony smooth oval,smooth 17mm carnelian briolette,smooth smoky quartz briolettes,green tourmaline,emerald,sapphires,citrine,rose quartz,apatite,peridot,garnet,labradorite and sterling silver round beads.

Has been oxidized to give it a more antique and magical look.
One Of a Kind

Focal: 1,57" x 1,57" (40mm x40mm)-without attached gems at the bottom
Handcrafted chain: 18,9" (48mm)

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