Sunday, June 19, 2011

Medieval medallion - Silver,rubies and sapphires Set of medallion necklace and earrings

Intricate wirework and beautiful gemstones come together to form this beautiful piece.
This elegant and ornate necklace is created from various gauges of Fine999/sterling silver and
decorated with the most beautiful AAA rubies and pink sapphires.
The earrings cascades are perfect complement to the necklace.

The silver has been oxidized to give it a more antique and magical look.

Medallion in diameter: 1,38" (35mm) - without cascading stones.
Medallion with cascades -5,12" ( 13cm )
Earrings:3,75" (95mm) from the top of earwires.
Total chain Length:24,5" ( 62cm )

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